'Hindi Times' began its operation in Toronto in 2003 as a weekly newspaper and Apna
Radio debuted in 2009 with CMR 101.3 FM.

We have more than 17 years of experience in
the Media field. Now, we are re-launching our unique monthly magazine called 'Hindi Times' which will be available in monthly print version, online version and in an audio version as well. 'Hindi Times' magazine is the first ever Monthly color magazine for NRI
community of Canada and US to promote the world's third largest spoken language 'Hindi'.

In 'Hindi Times' Magazine you will be able to read articles on History, Trade & Industry,
Tourist attractions, Cookery, Fashion & Films, Sports, Global Politics, Poetry and Stories
amongst others, but also listen to them, mostly in the voice of writers or prominent Voice Artists as per your convenience. Sixty to Seventy percent of our content will cover news & events from Canada and U.S.A, while the rest will cover India and the Indian sub continent, assuring you of best analyses of news and latest information from India, Canada & USA.

'Hindi Times' is our concerted effort to promote Indian culture and traditions amongst the
Indian diaspora in Canada and USA and help make Hindi a world language.
We look forward to your support in this cause.
"Nij Bhasha ko kha rahe par Bhasha ke giddh Padho, Likho, bolo suno Hindi hogi Siddh".